Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The RV Lifestyle

A $400,000.00 price tag, with granite counters in the kitchen, Italian tile floors and one bedroom? It is a luxury RV. Call them land yachts if you choose because some of these motor coaches or trailers are pretty unbelievable.

I am not a RV user so I knew nothing about them. Common features are everything folds down to a bed, and tables come out of walls. There were even trailers that have decks that pop out from a window/door. I was told that people who own the expensive rigs also own or lease RV condos to store them. This makes sense because who wants a $400,000.00 investment open to the elements?

A friend and customer of our company, Haralee.Com Sleepwear, thought it would be a good tie in and a good opportunity to increase local awareness of our company. I thought it was a bit outside of the box but went for it! Our sleepwear matches many of the needs of the woman RVer. 5 days in a booth trying to engage people to stop and shop for wicking sleepwear, why not?

As it turned out, more men than women shop and browse the RV show. By day 4 we were almost harassing guys that walked past asking them about the women in their lives. Surprisingly many of these men are without women companionship. We stopped the interceptions because we started feeling badly for these lonely hearted guys!

Much to our surprise, about 6,000 kids came through the show. I don’t know what influence kids have on their parents or grandparents in making a $200,000+ purchase but I can tell you they had no influence on sleepwear buying!

We haven’t done a show in about 5 years and it is hard work. You are standing for 7-8 hours a day. You have to be engaging and pleasant. You have to act interested when people tell you their sleeping habits with often way TMI! I am grateful to my husband, and my friend TJ who modeled for their time spent with me in the booth. I hope I remember this experience 5 years from now!

Have you ever bought something at a trade show? Do you like to look at booths at shows?


Lois Alter Mark said...

You could probably write a post all about people's sleeping habits now! My husband would love to do a "Lost in America" kind of RV trip. We'll have to see about that ...

Haralee said...

It is so funny Lois what people will share! A trip would be fun I think, then you can decide if the RV lifestyle is for the 2 of you.

Helene Bludman said...

With an RV as luxurious as that, I would go on a road trip in a flash. But hopefully not a hot flash!

Haralee said...

Helene it does take the road grime off of a road trip that is for sure!