Monday, September 15, 2014

On the Verge

I was speaking with my sister recently after she had a very exasperating experience. She stated she was on the verge….
Well she was so exasperated that fill in the blank was easy.

I realized we are all often on the verge of something good or bad.
Here is a list that may appear in your conversation:

On the verge of something big
On the verge of losing it
On the verge of a nervous breakdown
On the verge of falling asleep
On the verge of hitting it big
On the verge of discovering a breakthrough
On the verge of hysteria
On the verge of enlightenment
On the verge of a big break
On the verge of extinction
On the verge of exhaustion
On the verge of recovery
On the verge of making it
On the verge of acceptance
On the verge of going Postal

Being on the verge can be very dramatic. It can be a full of exasperation or full of hope. It might take someone a lifetime to be on the verge of some attribute or a split second. Some of us may never act on what we are on the verge of or be the recipient of what is just out of reach.

What are you on the verge?

Monday, September 8, 2014

Behind the Scenes at Haralee.Com Sleepwear Company

It takes quite a few people to run Haralee.Com Sleepwear, my company. Every year we introduce 1-4 new styles. We have a photo shoot to introduce the new style and usually take some additional photos of styles and a new group shot.

A lot of planning and scheduling and coordinating goes into the photo shoot before even one picture is taken. We take our photos in our home. We want the look to be informal enough that the customers can see themselves in our line of sleepwear. Most of our competitors use a white background. We have been turned down to sell on Amazon because we don’t use a white background. Some companies use only one model. We use 4-5 different real women as models.

When we have an intern the photo shoot is usually their culmination and the most fun aspect of their internship. This year we didn’t hire an intern because we had The Perfect Intern and her memory is still too fresh!

We cleaned and scrubbed the house and staged it so all the photos would be indoors. We had a new model this year who was fulfilling an item on her bucket list, that is to pose as a fashion model.  We were ready until our photographer’s camera could not communicate with her lights. The solution was to take the photo shoot outside. It was damp and cool outside and only one model brought shoes!

It was a scramble to get the shoot completed before the rain started and models had to leave for prior commitments. Frenzy is a good word, but we got it done and I think the look is great.

Here is a shot of our model who is the daughter of another model and is pregnant with her first child.

Here is our newest model. She can scratch off fashion model from her bucket list.

Here is a great behind the scenes look.

Do you have a behind the scenes story to share?

Monday, September 1, 2014

I am a Cantaloupe Addict

It started innocent enough, the produce manager was slicing a melon for another customer as I walked past and offered me a slice. It was a sweet explosion in my mouth.  What are these melons? Sugar Kiss Cantaloupe from Arizona. I was hooked.

It is like the best summer fruit sweetness sensation in every bite. I am buying 2 at a time now, one that is ready immediately and one to sit on the counter. I have shared some with friends and neighbors.

Last week my store was out of Sugar Kiss. The produce guy thought they were promoting local and didn’t have the room for a week. I traveled 12 miles to one of their other stores to successfully buy two.

The other night I noticed my husband eating some slices as a snack. Now I am contemplating hiding my Sugar Kiss Cantaloupe. Yes I think I have developed an addiction!

Here are my rationalizations:
There are worse things to get hooked on
It is only $1.29 per pound
It is not that fattening (ignore the presumed high glycemic idex with all the sugar)
It will be gone in the fall

I am not thinking about my anxiety about not getting my daily Sugar Kiss right now. Now I am savoring the taste!

Have you ever fallen in love with the taste of a fruit? Have you ever become addicted to a fruit? Try the Sugar Kiss and join me in a sweet addiction!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Women and Heart Disease, or Are You Having a Little Heart Attack?

Preventative cardiology is a field where cardiologists like to make an intervention or after the heart ‘event’. I was lucky enough to hear a preventative cardiologist for women speak.

The video, ‘Just a Little Heart Attack’, is a must see for women.
Since women are usually the nurturers in the family, taking care of everyone else but themselves, this video is spot on!

The cardiologist gave several examples of women patients she has seen in her practice who have displayed one of the top symptoms of heart disease: Denial
Intuitively women know there is something wrong but……

An example she gave was of a woman who was having symptoms but the family was about to go on a family vacation and she didn’t want to ruin it by having a heart attack. The family made it to their destination and that night she called 911, but met them outside because she didn’t want to wake up her family! As a result she ended up in a hospital in a city she was unfamiliar and doctors she didn’t know.

Because men were studied first regarding heart attacks their symptoms were thought for years to be the same for women. Not really is the reality. Women will have symptoms of jaw pain, throat pain, fatigue and heartburn more than men.  

So here are modifiable factors to reduce your chance of becoming 1 out of 4 women to die of a ‘Heart Event’:

  • High Cholesterol
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Smoking
  • Abdominal Obesity
  • Nutrition
  • Lack of Exercise
  • Stress Management

Have you had your cholesterol tested or your blood pressure? Are you at risk?